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1xBet apk download for betting from a mobile device


An interesting situation took place in “Barcelona” at the end of the summer transfer window. Initially, Lionel Messi’s teammate, Sergio Agüero, moves to the Catalan club. The latter clearly indicates that the key reason for this transition is the desire to play alongside the best footballer in the world. You should 1xBet apk download in order to get acquainted with the odds on various events in the career of the players. 

However, the financial difficulties of “Barcelona” led to the fact that it did not have the economic opportunity to keep Leo in their lineup, and therefore he had to move to France, where he now plays for the capital “PSG”. This development did not please Agüero, and therefore he asked the Catalan club management to break the contract. Obviously, this did not happen, and that is why the Argentine forward remains in the Spanish big club as of September 2021. However, he cannot make his debut for the team due to injury.  

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You can download 1xBet file apk from the official website of the company. The files allow you to download a modern betting application to mobile devices with the Android operating system.  Download and installation do not take a lot of time. The app has a rich coverage of all the matches in La Liga in which “Barça” takes part.  

Is there a chance to see Messi and Agüero in the same team

This question remains open. It is obvious to most soccer fans that if there are no problems at the Spanish club, then Lionel continued to play for the Catalans. Many soccer fans believe that such a player should finish his career at the club where he showed the best performance.

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A possible duo with Agüero brought many dividends for both players:

  1. The Argentine national team’s prospects increased significantly, as the two leaders of that team would have the opportunity to discuss national team questions when they were at the club.
  2. Messi and Agüero have long been on good terms, and therefore this could have had a positive impact on Barcelona’s attacking potential. After all, for several seasons now, the team hasn’t been able to return to the level it was in the days of the Messi-Neymar- Suárez trio. 
  3. It would be quite exciting to see two iconic Argentines end their careers at the same club.
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Obviously, there is still time for this duo of forwards to be realized within the same team. Both players are well into their 30s, but that does not mean that they have lost their taste for soccer and achieving at the highest level.


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