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3 takeaways as Real Madrid demolish Mallorca 6-1 at the Bernabeu


Real Madrid have been on a roll lately. They’ve won all their games since the 3-3 draw at Levante, and have scored many goals in the process. I’ll be honest, I don’t even remember the last time Real scored six in just one game. I know it’s not exactly the toughest opponent the team could’ve faced, but Mallorca is dangerous on the breaks as we saw at times, and nullifying them was the biggest thing Real Madrid’s defence had to do on Wednesday night, and they managed to do it, although with a couple of hurdles.

On the other end, they were absolutely fantastic, scoring with such ease. It has been a while since we’ve seen this from Real, because if you think about it, Los Blancos faced “lowly” oppositions under Zinedine Zidane too, and yet they never used to just run riot like this.

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More of this from Real Madrid and they truly have a big shot at winning the league title this year. It’s still premature, so I won’t say too much, but I like what I’m seeing from Real, even though it still could use some polishing and some improvement. I’m sure at least some of that will happen gradually, but it’s the remaining part that concerns me a little bit for the long run.

Anyway, here are the takeaways from Real Madrid’s 6-1 thumping of Mallorca in their second game at the Bernabeu this season.


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