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3 ways to make women addicted to you


Women like to be pampered and valued and respected and treated right and fairly.

Women value these things a, they really do, but basing your relationship with a woman on just these factors is like fishing in shallow waters.

At the core of many women is the need for deep emotional intimacy, something true, and genuine.

Once they achieve this level of intimacy, they become hooked to you, mad over you.

And below are three more things you need to achieve this:

There is a thin line between this and pomposity and only a very few know how to sublimely maneuver that line.

The moment you are able to perfect this and you become able to converse, carry yourself and relate in this manner, best believe it, women would be stuck to you like steel to a magnet.

Women are more trusting, often willing to love with the whole of what they’ve got and loyalty is one of the things that assures them that they are not mistaken in giving you the whole of themselves.

Once they can ascertain that, the likelihood that they’ll leave is pretty low.

Some might want to argue with the validity of this, but it is every bit solid as the other two points above.

If amazing, spine-tingling sex is added to your confidence and loyalty, the formula becomes complete and she’ll be addicted to you like crack.

That tells you that wealth or lack of it does not really weigh on the hearts of women when they’re truly, really falling in love.


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