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4 ways to spice a boring relationship

Occasionally, a couple needs to amp up the temperature in the bedroom and keep things spicy between them.

Greater the intimacy, the better the relationship. Hence, here are some tips to spice up your relationship:

Things can take a slow turn in a relationship when there isn’t anything challenging enough to do. Challenges help you and your partner be more adventurous and daring in the relationship. When you both dare each other to live by the edge, it can get even more adventurous.

Cuddling can release ‘feel-good’ hormones within the body which can automatically make you and your partner closer. Cuddling can be a great way to show affection towards your partner which might even lead to sex.

Don’t be shy of telling your spouse what your sexual fantasies are. Don’t hide your sexual wants and needs because once you both embrace them head-on, it will only get better. When you communicate your sexual fantasies to your partner, you are allowing yourself to be more open, which in fact, is a really good thing for your relationship or marriage.

Role-playing not just in bed but also during date nights can be quite thrilling. You both can play the role of strangers who come across each coincidentally in a restaurant or a pub, and who are instantly attracted to each other. You both can continue this role play back at home, leading to an exciting sex session.

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