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5 Ghanaian Celebrities Who Have Become Broke and Desperately Begging For Support – Videos


Life is full of unplanned events that can cause even the strongest of men to break down.

One day you are being hailed as the most influential personality on earth, the next moment you are seen on social media begging for alms, this has been a scene common in Ghana.

In the last few years, we have seen many veterans and famous entertainers take to the public to beg for help.

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Some of the stories are very sad as these entertainers who were revered in society are left with nothing in their old age or sickness drains their accounts leaving them broke.

Others come as a surprise because the public never expected the said celebrity to beg because of how the person carries him/herself.

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Below is a list of five Ghanaian celebrities who were very famous but are now begging for support from the public.

5. Veteran actor, Kofi Laing AKA Kowhe

In October 2019, celebrated Ghanaian actor Kofi Laing famed as Kowhe made a passionate appeal to his fans and Ghanaians in general to come to his aid.

He stressed that his situation is nothing to write home about and struggles to get a decent meal despite the fact that he was one of the highest paid actors in his era.

“It is unfortunate that people will wait for you to die before they show love but I am pleading with them to do it for me now while I am still alive,” he said.

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Not long ago, a picture of the actor surfaced causing emotions to surge online. he looked as though he was about to give up the ghost.


4. Hiplife Musician Okomfour Kwaade

Famed for his storytelling abilities and unique rap skill, Jerry Anaba aka Okomfour Kwaadee was the yardstick to measure rap in Ghana– this was before Sarkodie and Co.

Kwaadee was enjoying everything fame could put on his table but sources say he got ahead of himself and the fame turned him into a shadow of himself.

The award winning rapper was reported to have suffered a mental condition which took him away from mainstream action for a couple of years.

In 2020, a photo went viral and it had the rapper looking lean and disturbed. It was said that he was either locked up at a rehab center or a spiritual home to cure his mental sickness.

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Even his rival in his prime days, Lord Kenya offered to help him recover because he believes he had a hand in Okomfour’s ‘madness’.

He is fit as a fiddle now and even has a couple of songs out. He was also seen at the birthday party of rapper Sarkodie.

3. Sound Engineer, Sugar Tone

Barely 2 months ago, sound engineer Sugar Tone, real name Gideon Darko, was seen in an uncompromising position, sleeping by the roadside at an unknown location like a destitute.

The famous producer seemed drunk as a fish unable to control his movement and and finding it difficult to form a tangible sentence.

Sugar Tone was one of the prominent music producers in the early to mid-2000s producing some of the biggest hits of the time.

Songs credited to him included Bandana’s (now Shatta Wale) Moko Ho, Daseebre Gyamenah’s Settei, Reggie Zippy’s Virgin and For Sale, and many more.

2. Music Producer Eyoh Soundboy

Eyoh Soundboy is not a veteran yet because he is still young in the industry but the producer who has worked with the likes of Samini, Shatta Wale, Sarkodie and other A-list artiste is on his sick bed begging for help.

The producer is suffering from a kidney related disease and has spent his last dime on dialysis.

His wife, Aisha Yusif disclosed in an interview that they need at least a million Ghana Cedis to pay for dialysis treatments to keep him alive and additional money for operation.

1. Actor T.T Of Taxi Driver Fame

Actor Psalm Adjetefio granted an interview which has gone viral begging the public to help him pay his rent else he will be sleeping on the streets.

The actor who still has some popular commercials running on television daily disclosed that he cannot boast of a house of his own but has been renting the apartment which was shown in the video.

He said he has now fallen from his fame status and has become a ‘Charity Case’ in society. The legendary actor begged that Ghanaians help him pay his rent of GHc3000 else he will become homeless.

In January this year, the actor came out to seek support from Ghanaians to help him solve his heart condition.

SOURCE: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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