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5 modern No. 10’s to consider for the future


Bayern, Jamal Musiala

Bayern, Jamal Musiala (Photo by Matthias Hangst/Getty Images)

Real Madrid currently have a number of players who can fulfill a No. 10 role, in addition to playing in other positions in the XI. Eden Hazard, Isco, and Marco Asensio are all attacking midfielders. Los Blancos also have two very promising No. 10’s on loan in Takefusa Kubo and Reinier Jesus. Brahim Diaz, who is thriving at Milan, could also be a fit, though he projects as a player who can compete for starts on the right wing.

The modern game has phased out the traditional No. 10, which is why players like Isco and James Rodriguez find it harder to fit in. But the game still values 10’s who have positional versatility and tactical flexibility. Look no further than Kevin de Bruyne.

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Let’s take a look at five players who can be world-class attacking midfielders in the future. All of these footballers should be on the Real Madrid transfer radar.

Bayern Munich AM Jamal Musiala

Bayern Munich have one of the most talented young players in Europe in Jamal Musiala. The England international is becoming Thomas Muller’s heir as the “raumdeuter” in Bavaria, interpreting space and finding little areas in which to execute tidy finishes. Musiala has a nonstop motor off the ball on the attacking end and on the defensive end, too.

An accomplished, elegant, and technical attacking midfielder, Musiala offers the sort of positional versatility that top clubs are increasingly craving. If you are going to spend well over 50 million euros on a player, you might as well sign someone who can give you production at multiple positions and in multiple alignments, given teams are getting more flexible with the formations they run.

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Musiala is only 18 years old, and anyone who watches the Bundesliga will tell you that he plays like someone with much more experience. He already has two goals and two assists this season despite starting just once, with his five other appearances coming off the bench.

Would Bayern sell Musiala in the next few years? I highly, highly doubt it. But because I don’t think there is a better player for a No. 10-type role at Real Madrid, he absolutely has to be on this list. Bayern have a few dream targets of Madridistas, including Joshua Kimmich in midfield, but I’m not sure there is anyone more exciting to watch over the long-term than Musiala.

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