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5 possible MOTM candidates against Inter Milan


A great display by Real Madrid on the weekend and here we are in the middle of the week for another competitive game; the first game of the UEFA Champions League edition of 2021-22. The group stage of Real Madrid for the season is:

1.    Real Madrid

2.    Inter Milan

3.    Shakhtar Donetsk

4.    FC Sheriff Tiraspol

It is almost the same as the last year except that instead of Borussia Mönchengladbach, we have FC Sheriff Tiraspol in the group. The first game is against Inter Milan, currently 4th in the Serie A after winning the league last season.

Due to certain financial problems, they had to sell two of their very crucial players- Romelu Lukaku to Chelsea and Achraf Hakimi to Paris Saint-Germain, but fairly managed to keep some youngsters like Nicolo Barella and Lautaro Martinez.

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Even after selling the two top players, the Serie A defending champions cannot be taken for granted. With Real Madrid’s defense struggling a bit as seen in the last game against Celta Vigo, we can expect this to be another tough contest.

As my colleague, Ali Al Hassan predicted the starting eleven for the match, I’ll be predicting the top candidates to win the Man of The Match award.


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