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A/R: Residents of Oforikrom protest against dilapidated bridge

They have blamed the member of parliament and the MCE in the area for the underdevelopment in the community.

Some dwellers in the community, have said that a woman got drowned in an attempt to cross the dilapidated bridge at Sisakyi within the Oforikrom municipality.

Despite numerous appeals to authorities by members of the area, urgent measures have not been taken to fix the bridge.

The Convener of the group jerry James Sukah, addressing the media said the residents could no longer take the neglect.

“We are citizens of Ghana, we pay taxes and must be treated as such. We vote leaders into power and are neglected after they get what they want. Enough is enough.”

“We won’t sit for this injustice to be done. We demand development in our area, and we demand it now.”

The group demands authorities quicken work to ensure its completion before the rainy season.

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