Abolish teacher trainee wasteful allowance now – EduWatch urges government

Speaking at a roundtable discussion organized by the Citizen’s Coalition in Accra on Thursday, December 15, 2022, Asare said if the government intends to achieve its quest to cut down on expenditure as stated in the 2023 budget, the Teacher Trainee allowance must be one of such expenditures to do away with.

“I think the budget failed to appreciate that there is a certain wasteful expenditure that should leave the education space, especially teacher trainee allowance. The government has repeated that it intends to spend 241 in 2023 to feed adult trainees who are in tertiary education and have the right to access student loans just like other tertiary students.

“In austerity, the government must be cutting down on wasteful expenditure and spending more on the vulnerable, we also don’t see more enhanced spending on Free compulsory basic education,” Asare said, as quoted by

He went on further to lament that there is a decline in the quality of basic school education because the government is spending far more on Senior High Education to the detriment of the lower level.

Relatedly, his organization has petitioned parliament to reject the GH¢1.8 billion allocated to the Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund) in the 2023 budget.

According to EduWatch, the allocation to the fund is woefully inadequate to help enhance quality education, which is the main purpose for its establishment.

“The sharp decline in the 2023 allocation raises serious concern about the formula used in capping the GETFund in the 2023 budget, and whether it is in accordance with the Earmarked Funds Capping and Realignment Law.

The Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund) was created in 2000 to support the delivery of quality education to Ghanaians from the basic to the tertiary level. And it does so through funding policies aimed at ensuring an equitable distribution of essential resources for all levels of education.

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