Adina Wades Into Managers And Artistes S3xual Relationships Discussion

Adina Thembi Ndamse has waded into the discussion about managers and artistes s3xual relationships.

For some years now, there have been discussions about this topic.

Questions have been asked if it is healthy for such relationships to happen between artistes and their managers.

Ghanaian singer, Adina, was asked about this during an interview on Takoradi-based Spice FM.

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Adina stated that she does not see anything wrong with that.

She explained that if these individuals are adults and their relationship won’t conflict with their professional work, then it is okay.

“There is nothing wrong as long as the artiste is not underage. If she is mature enough and the two of them understand that this is what they are doing and can separate that from their work and make sure they are successful, then that’s fine. If you are a professional and you know this is your job description, knowing that day in and day out this is what you supposed to do for the artiste, the artiste also understands that she is supposed to do music then that’s fine. That is how it should work, so any extra thing is extra. Their (s3xual relationships) are all extra-curricular activities,” Adina said.

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