Adom TV declared me missing at age 15, I absconded to Philippines – Nana Tornado reveals

According to Nana Tornado, he left Ghana at that time without notifying his family, hence, his family proceeded to Adom TV to announced his disappearance on various media outlets.

I grew up in Tema and continued into my adolescent years in the Philippines. I had a Filipino girlfriend from childhood, so when they were relocating there, the mother had to take me along,” he said.

My parents didn’t even know where I was. That time, Adom TV was in Tema Community 2, so that’s where they started the announcement of my disappearance,” he added.

During an interview on Citi TV, Nana Tornado detailed that due to his father’s strictness, he had kept his family in the dark. He added that, in contrast to his father, who was harsh with him, he was the extroverted kind and was open to many things.

My father was the strict type. He died fifteen years ago. He was the strict type, and I was the funky type, and I was a young guy with grown-up friends, so I was mingling as well,” he added.

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