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AfroPark 2022: The free cultural event for African entrepreneurs to showcase their talents and businesses

The multi-sensory event, which will take place at Base Lounge in the affluent suburb of Cantonment, will draw visitors and participants both locally and internationally to enjoy a concentrated experience of food, art, music, and sports. The event will provide local vendors and partners with the opportunity to access the affluent diaspora, emerging middle class, and the growing entrepreneurial population that will be present at the event.

Tickets are free (with registration) for all who wish to be a part of this remarkable immersive experience.

DAY 1 – December 17 2022

DAY 2 – December 18 2022

12pm: Doors Open

12pm: Doors Open

12pm – 2:30pm: Fifa Tournament

12pm – 2:30pm: Fifa Tournament

1pm – 1:15pm: Live Performance – Poetivist

1pm -1:30pm: DJ Baj

1:30pm – 2pm: Live Performance – Susan Augustt

1:30pm – 2:30pm: Live Performance Swiss Band

2pm – 3pm: DJ Baj

2:30pm – 3:00pm: AfroHead Art Auction

3pm – 5pm: World Cup Screening (3rd Place Match)

3pm – 5pm: World Cup Screening (Final Match)

5pm – 6pm: DJ Sly Beatz

5pm – 7pm: Live Performance – Swiss Band

6pm – 6:30pm: S/S Acousitics

7pm – 9pm: DJ Sly Beatz

6:30pm – 9pm: DJ Sly Beatz

9pm – 11pm: DJ Baj

9pm – 11pm: DJ Baj

About the organizers – AFROPARK

AFROPARK is an event organizing and marketing company located in Ghana that provides a platform for African artists, designers, and businesses to display the multifaceted culture of the Pan-African community through onsite events and online marketing.

AFROPARK believes in changing the African narrative by promoting the talent, skills and abilities of African entrepreneurs to catalyse the accelerating growth of the African economy.​

The AFROPARK team is comprised of people with both local and international perspectives on the emerging markets of the African continent with a common passion to use their combined knowledge and expertise to contribute to an exciting chapter in the economic landscape of Africa.

This passion culminated in the creation of AFROPARK with a mission that is centred on:

a. Empowerment: Empowering entrepreneurs by providing access to AFROPARK expertise in marketing, branding, and tech operations and creating a community for entrepreneurs and businesses to help each other and share opportunities.

b. Connection: Fostering collaboration between African entrepreneurs and the African diaspora and providing opportunities for the entrepreneurs to develop long-term partnerships with impactful investors and stakeholders.

c. Recognition: Working with the AFROPARK community members to enhance their brand reach and showcase the African culture, talent, and commercial strength globally.

To get your free tickets, click here to register, or visit AFROPARK’s website: to find out more. AFROPARK 2022: delicious food, African brands and good vibes!

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