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Aisha Modi Threatens To Expose Pastor If He Doesn’t Return Moesha To Her Normal State In 24hrs

Ayisha Modi has threatened to expose the Head Pastor of The Revelation Church International, Gabby Ibe, if he doesn’t leave Moesha Bodoung alone.

According to Aisha, Pastor Gabby is bent on destroying Moesha and she will not sit by and let that happen.

Yesterday, a video of Moesha sharing her testimony after repenting and giving her life to Christ at The Revelation Church International, a church, pastored by Gabby Ibe went viral.

Moesha’s state in the video caught a lot of attention and has since sparked several conversations surrounding her supposed new path.

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In an Instagram post, Aisha Modi stated that Pastor Gabby, who is the older brother of supermodel Victoria Michaels, has a hand in Moesha’s state.

“I don’t know who u are pastor and I Ayisha don’t really care who you are. If only you don’t want me to shake Ghana for you to leave our sister alone. Pastor Biko don’t let me come live for you. Leave our precious sister to us, if only you don’t want me to tell the world what is going on,” she wrote.

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She continued: “Biko respect yourself and bring @moeshaboduong back. I swear to you with my life, this fight is me and you paaaaa. I give you 24 hours to bring Moe back if not Ghana will be too hot for you. Dare me! I have been very quiet about a lot of things going on. Don’t let us fight this spiritual fight Biko.”

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She added: “No one touches anybody around me. I Repeat with so much boldness No one touches anything that belongs to me. If you have ears listen to wai. I will fight you spiritually and physically. I give you 24 hours. And listen don’t you ever put a camera on Moe to us she is a grown-up. Will never let you destroy her. Never.”

See her post below;

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