Ameyaw Debrah Gets Disconnected By Officials Of ECG – Video

The famous Ghanaian celebrity blogger, Ameyaw Debrah, has taken to social media to reveal how his light got disconnected by officials of the Electricity Company of Ghana on Saturday, January 21, 2023.

The award-winning blogger disclosed that he is one of the people who are still using the post-paid electricity meters, however, for over two months, he has been struggling to pay his bills

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According to him, he is fond of using online platforms to settle the bills when they come in, however, in the last two months all the efforts he has put in to get the bill paid via his Express Money account have proved futile.

The founder of also added that he got frustrated about the situation and eventually he took to his social media platforms to seek help from his followers.

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Ameyaw went on to add that he was asked to download the ECG App — something he did but still he was not able to pay the bill, only to wake up on Saturday morning and realize that the officials were in his house to cut him off.

After sharing this funny and equally heartbreaking story of how his day started, Ameyaw revealed that he has decided to go the manual way henceforth, and as such, he had sent someone to and settle the bill.

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Watch Ameyaw Debrah speak in the video below…

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