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According to SLEEKGIST, Anita Tonye Isama (born November 8, 1988), professionally known as Anita Okoye, is a Nigerian lawyer, businesswoman, and novelist.

Without the celebrity’s attention, she may have been a regular girl on the streets of Lagos.

However, she married Paul ‘Rudeboy’ Okoye of the defunct music group P-Square, which also comprised Peter ‘Mr P’ Okoye, one of Nigeria’s all-time great performers.

Many people are unaware of Anita Okoye since she is a lawyer who knows her money and not just a typical lover of a wealthy artist.

Anita Okoye: History, Bio, Photo
Full Name: Anita Tonye Isama
Stage Name: Anita Okoye
Born: 8 November 1988
Age: 33 years old
Tribe: Igbo
Place of Birth: Lagos, Nigeria
State Of Origin: Rivers State
Nationality: Nigerian
Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Tonye
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Children: Andre Okoye, Nathan Okoye, Nadia Okoye
Siblings: N/A
Boyfriend • Husband: Paul ‘Rudeboy’ Okoye
Occupation: Lawyer • Businesswoman • Author
Net Worth: $1.5 million

Early Life

SLEEKGIST gathered that Anita Okoye was born the joy of her family on 8 November 1988 to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Tonye.

She hails from the Ikwere tribe of Port Harcourt in Rivers State.

She is a Christian from a middle-class family.

Anita Okoye grew up as a strong and intelligent young lady who was exceptionally brilliant amongst her peers.

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Her confidence and positive character was her central pillar towards a bright future.

She’s from the Igbo speaking tribe of Nigeria.

Anita Okoye Biography, Age, Tribe, Husband, Net Worth, Parents, Wiki (Paul)  - Thenaijafame Blog


Anita Okoye is a graduate of the prestigious federal government-owned the University of Abuja in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city.

She successfully graduated with an LLB in Law at the University after five years.

She went on to further her education in a foreign country at the University of Dundee, located in Scotland. She walked out with a Master’s degree in Oil and Gas from the Scottish University later on.


After acquiring a master’s degree in Oil and Gas, Anita Okoye  got employed at a company in the oil and gas sector, where she worked for eight years.

She resigned and took a job as a strategic business developer with a job description hovering around creating mind-blowing business booming ideas in 2016.

Anita Okoye  co-founded the Cashew Apple Project (CAP) to contribute to the development of Africa to change the world’s negative perception about the continent (Africa). It has turned her into a social activist and granted her the opportunity to contribute positively to the African Narrative.

The influential Nigerian is also a successful entrepreneur who owned a children’s fashion collection store known as Tannkco, which she launched in October 2019. The shop is still running and is located in Lekki, Lagos State.

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Anita Okoye‘s entrepreneurship skills and independent attitude made her acquire a company named Little Luxe. Little Luxe is a lifestyle furniture company that majorly manufacture children’s furniture.

She also authored the book “The ABC Of Africa,” which analysis the continent of Africa and the people living in Africa. The book is PG-rated and is recommended for children and young adults who wish to know more about Africa.

Social Media

Anita Okoye takes pride in her three lovely children. You’ll know this if you follow her on her social media platforms.
She’s available on;

  • Instagram: @Anita_Okoye
  • Twitter: @anitaokoye
  • Facebook: Anita Okoye.

Note that her handles are expected to change anytime soon, pending her divorce to Mr. Paul Okoye.

Personal Life

Anita Okoye is a healthy-looking, beautiful young lady with charming smiles. She is pretty tall, with a height measured to be 5 feet 8 inches, to which she weighs 65 kg. She is dark in complexion with dark eyes and black hair.

Anita Okoye is a single mother. She unexpectedly filed for a divorce from her long-time husband and best friend Paul Okoye, which came as a shock even for bloggers and Newsmen.

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The marriage lasted for seven years, from 2014-2021, without any significant controversy or sign of an upcoming divorce.

Anita Okoye and Paul Okoye met at the University of Lagos while she was pursuing a law degree. She was 16 years old then and started dating him when she was 18.

They’ve been together since then, forming a decade of friendship before they chose to be together forever in 2014.

Anita Okoye already had a child from their relationship a year before they hitched named Andre Okoye. In 2017, they had multiple blessings of Twins in their family, a boy and a girl named Nathan Okoye and Nadia Okoye.

Unfortunately, the duo parted ways after Anita Okoye filed for a divorce in a leaked letter addressed to a law court in Lagos dated 18 August 2021. She also demanded custody of her children with a 7.8 million Naira ($15000) monthly upkeep.

Net Worth

Anita Okoye is a successful entrepreneur with several companies to her name.

Notwithstanding her family’s wealth, she derives her income steadily, which is responsible for her estimated $1.5 million net worth.

The lawyer lives a good life with beautiful clothes, flashy cars, and landed properties.


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