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Apple plans an all-5G iPhone range, but not until ’22

Apple’s first 5G iPhones are available now, but most users don’t yet really feel the benefit, given that network infrastructure and services are still being rolled out. But you can expect adoption on both fronts to accelerate into 2022.

Good news, bad news

Let’s get to the bad new first: If a report on Nikkei is to true, Apple won’t introduce an all-5G iPhone range until 2022, when it is expected to also introduce an A15-powered iPhone SE with 5G, but no iPhone mini. The current iPad Pro range also features 5G, but we have no info on any plans to extend this to other models.   

The good news is that Apple’s decision to field 5G across all iPhones starting next year suggests the company expects the standard to be more widely available across every market by then. This makes sense and sits broadly in line with expectations, which have always anticipated the standard seeing significant deployment and use into 2023 and beyond.

It also suggests that the faster 5G+ and 5Guw standards will see wider deployment in additional regions.

What’s not in the news?

What’s not in the news is Qualcomm. We know Apple had a dispute with Qualcomm that it eventually settled in 2019. We also know Apple acquired the modem development unit of Intel to continue to try to build its own 5G modems. And we know that Apple reached a multi-year chipset supply deal with Qualcomm, timed to take the two forward to 2025.

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We’ve also heard that Apple has always wanted to pack iPhones with its own self-developed 5G radios, though we don’t know how possible this is turning out to be.

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