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Are You A Celebrity? – Kwadwo Sheldon Asks Wendy Shay After She Defined It On Twitter


Kwadwo Sheldon has asked Wendy Shay Whether she’s a celebrity after she defined the word on Twitter in an attempt to reply to DCOP Kofi Boakye who chide those who call themselves celebrities.

After the meeting of the IGP and creative art industry players, DCOP Kofi Boakye chides those who call themselves celebrities but do things contrary to what they’re supposed to be doing, and Wendy Shay reacting to that define the word for him.

According to Wendy Shay, celebrity is an English word that means a famous person, especially in entertainment or sports claiming but it seems some Ghanaians have their own definition for the word celebrity adding that somebody being famous too dey pain some people.

Kwadwo Sheldon in a simple sentence hit back hard at Wendy Shay asking her whether she’s a celebrity as going by the definition she gave herself, she has no right to call herself a celebrity since she’s not famous in the entertainment industry.

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The word celebrity has gotten into the heads of some public figures that anyone who has a little fame classifies themselves as a celebrity but that is not the case and going by the definition of Wendy Shay, you have to be a famous person that means you have to be known by almost everyone.

This simply means most of the industry players that call themselves celebrities are not even qualified to call themselves like that in the first place because they aren’t famous but because everyone wants to be known as such, they all refer to themselves like that.

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