Arnold Discloses The Amount Of Money Paid To Wizkid For His ‘No-show’ Concert In Ghana

The failure of Wizkid to attend his much-talked-about concert at the Accra Sports Stadium in Ghana is one of the things that has been discussed on social media in the last few days.

A lot of things have been said on social media as to why the award-winning Nigerian musician failed to perform at the concert.

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The musician also released a statement to reveal that he failed to perform at the concert because he had concerns with regard to security and production for the show.

In the midst of all these talks about the concert, the one thing that seems to have escaped a lot of people is the amount of money the organizers of the show might have spent to make this show possible, especially, now that it has been revealed that they will refund the monies of patrons of the concert.

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Well, renowned Ghanaian entertainment journalist, Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo has given an insight into the huge sum of money the organizers spent to make this concert possible.

In a post on his Facebook wall, Arnold revealed that Wizkid was allegedly paid US$800,000 as his appearance fee, while they also spent US$ 25,000 as his travel allowance.

Aside from spending this huge amount of money, they were many other expenses like paying the other acts who mounted the stage, securing the venue, logistics, equipment, and many other things.

Read his full post below…

Artiste Performance Fee – US$800,000

Travel Allowance – US$ 25,000


-Performance fee for supporting acts


– Logistics

– Ticketing

– Promotion/Marketing albeit lackluster

Results: lukewarm project, bad press, ruined reputation and possibility of refund.

Question: Would you, as an investor, give this venture another try if you had the chance?

There’s a piece for every player and all the cheerleaders; it’s coming!

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