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Asana adds features to reduce distractions, improve video chats

Asana today unveiled a host of new features for its work management platform, aiming to eliminate distractions and boost worker focus — with an emphasis on asynchronous video communication.

“The rapid shift to distributed work has fueled distraction and destruction for a billion and a quarter information workers, with messaging and meetings at an all-time high,” said Alex Hood, chief product officer at Asana, stressing that the new features better align worker attention with intention.

Asana’s Video Messaging, for instance, is designed to help users cut back on meetings and minimize video fatigue; with intelligent My Tasks, workers can better prioritize tasks; and with a Smart Calendar assistant, users can better focus on what they’re doing.

“Focused work has fallen by the wayside and in our own surveys of UK information workers, 80% of folks tell us that they really work out of their inbox and have their communication apps open all the time, while 75% feel pressured to multitask,” Hood said. “Seven out of 10, and I’m surprised it’s not more frankly, have experienced burnout in 2020.”

Wayne Kurtzman, research director for social and collaboration at IDC, said that by targeting  communications and workflows, Asana can help customers get a better sense of who is doing what and when, while bolstering the platform’s ease of use.

“These features improve the work experience for every user and that helps the hybrid workforce. Based on the feature velocity of Asana, there is a lot more to come,” he said.

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