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Auntie Shiela’s Angawamo

My mum is an excellent cook but i think i am the bomb!! ( hahahahahha, she will fight me if she reads this).



Some days are just lazy for me, especially my off days, so i told her i had a craving for fufu with kontomire soup or angwamo so we settled on angwamo.

If you dont know angwamo, then get off my page, 😂😂 well unless you are not ghanaian.

Angwamo is oil rice. The trick to a prefect angwamo is fry the raw rice in hot oil before the water is added.

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In Ghana, we usually add salted beef for that salty taste or you can use salt as a replacement. It is “by force” that angwamo should be a bit SALTY!

Onions are aromatic and is usually a main angwamo ingredients.

So my mum makes her rice different everything, she adds all sorts of protein ( usually leftovers) to take it up a notch…

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Here is the recipe and please dont give her all the ” fans” after all, i documented it. It is half as mine 😂😂😂

1 tsp cooking oil
1 1/4  white cup rice
2 small sliced onions ( separate them)
2 tsp salt
1/2 maggi chicken
Left over chicken
1 meduim sized diced pepper

Fry your 1 sliced onions in your rice cooker with hot oil until translucent.


Add your washed raw rice and stir to fry.
Add your maggi cube and stir.
Add your pepper and preferred protein and stir.

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Add your water, stir and add your remaining onions and let the rice cooker do magic.



This food is magic in my eyes, it is like my Idris Alba in food. 😍😍

I had mine with fried egg and shito, you can have yours with sardine and any protein.

NB: You must always adjust ingredients to your taste.

Thank me later

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