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Born-again Nana Agradaa Mocks Maame Ngege After She Allegedly Lost Her Child (Watch)


Nana Agradaa and Maame Ngege used to be good friends but their friendship plunged into a state of meltdown fraught with name calling and series of threats for years now. Although unconfirmed, we gathered that Maame Ngege has allegedly lost her little child to the cold hands of death a few days ago.

Nana Agradaa immediately found ample time to get under the skin of her antagonist by mocking the social media commentator for the death of her child, as vile as that may sound in your ears.

The former celebrity fetish priestess took to her Instagram page to make a comment about the death of the little girl wrapped in sarcasm, making it look as though she was commiserating with her.

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She shared a video of Ngege’s daughter and captioned: “If you think bad to anyone one it will come to you Ngege sorry wai ma.”

Apparently, she did that to pay Ngege back in her own coin for a similar thing she did to her some time ago. In an Instagram post years ago, Ngege had claimed Agradaa used her two-year-old daughter for money rituals.

According to Ngege in the post, Agradaa killed her child with Big Akwess months after she (Agradaa) threatened to end the life of her (Ngege’s) kids.

SOURCE: www.Ghgossip.com


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