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Can Benzema become Real Madrid’s second highest scorer of all-time?


Karim Benzema is just phenomenal. He’s having his best season statistically and otherwise, at the time when most players are either hanging up their boots or are past their prime. Benzema, 34, is breaking one record after the other. Benzema currently has 11 goals and seven assists for Real Madrid in 11 games, while scoring two and assisting two more in five games for the country, which is an outstanding number for someone at the age of 34 that is not named Ronaldo or Messi.

And, at the time of writing this, Benzema is the joint fourth-top scorer in Real Madrid’s history, which is astonishing. While achieving this, he also became the third player in Champions League history to have 100+ goal involvements after his goal against Shakhtar. I don’t think he’d be able to get to Messi and Ronaldo’s numbers, they’re just way too high. But, for the club record, he is perfectly capable of getting higher up the list.

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He’s currently sitting in 4th place with 290 goals to his name. Next up on the list is Alfredo Di Stefano with 308 in just 396 games. At number two is Raul with 323, and then the first is obviously, Cristiano Ronaldo with a ridiculous 450 goals in 438 games.

Benzema is capable of surpassing Raul in Real Madrid’s all-time top-scorers list

It won’t happen overnight, that’s impossible. It might not even happen this season, but Karim Benzema is well-poised to overtake Raul as the second top scorer in Real Madrid’s history.

Overtaking Alfredo Di Stefano this season won’t be an issue, as Benzema only needs 18 more goals to get there. If we look at his end-of-season numbers from the last two terms, and combine them with his goal-per-game ratio of this season, Benzema should be able to score at least 30 this season. Judging by the frequency at which he’s scoring right now, he might get even more.

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Anyway, if he’s able to score 30, that should get him 19 more goals, which would be enough to overtake the legendary Di Stefano this season. As for Raul, he’d only need to score 16 more goals to surpass the legendary Spaniard, which shouldn’t be hard to do.

I’m definitely not counting out Benzema surpassing both of them this season, but that’s a reach and I think we know it. Speaking of a reach, Ronaldo is in a league of his own, and there is no way on God’s green earth that Benzema gets to that mark, even if he plays a few more seasons at the club! No disrespect to Benzema obviously, Ronaldo was just a freak of nature.

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I’m super grateful to have Benzema at Real Madrid, and I really hope he continues to get better,  as his legacy continues to grow more and more.


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