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Check Out Why Ras Mubarak Married His Own Cousin As He Explains

In the custom of some ethnic groups and religions in Ghana, it goes against the rules, traditions, and laws to marry your own relative but it is not a forbidden act in the custom of some ethnic groups in Ghana here.

One person who got married to his own cousin is in the news and he is here to explain to us why he made such a move.

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He goes by the name Ras Mubarak

The formal member of parliament for the Kumbungun constituency is married to his own cousin, who is a relative of his. He explained further why he got married to his own cousin in an interview on one of the radio stations in Accra.

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He summarized everything in general “Incest is when you are married to your direct sibling” he said

He went on to give more explanation to this.

Marrying Your Cousin Is Not Incest' - Ras Mubarak Defends After Revealing  He Married His Cousin - Live Ghana TV

“I’m okay being married to my cousin. But there are a lot of such intermarriages in Ghanaian societies. It is not a big deal especially for Dagombas.” He continued.

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” I had a conversation with a relative about looking to settle down and he said, I should not look further and then all my uncles and aunties have wonderful children who are also well educated. The rest is history” he said.

His wife is the daughter of Asawase MP, Muntaka Mubarak who he is well related.

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