Confusion at Jamestown Fire Training Centre over recruitment


In an attempt to restore order at the James Town Fire Training Centre of the Ghana National Fire Service, where the current recruitment into the Service is ongoing, personnel had to resort to what they termed as ‘minimum force’ to ensure discipline at the centre.

On Tuesday morning, there were near-chaos when thousands trooped to the venue to get screened into the Service.

A potential recruit who claimed she got to the venue at 1:00 am on Tuesday explained to 3FM that “they were proving stubborn.”


“They asked them to push back and they refused so they used the baton to push them back to instill discipline in them and in the place.

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“I got here at 1 am and around that time, there were about five hundred people in the queue.

“They are sitting on the ground because there is no chair so they asked us to sit on the ground. They asked some of us to pick rubbers and sachet,” she added.

The potential recruit continued: “I spent time in a guest house and came back at 1 am. I don’t have a number. I am just in the queue and they are now attending to those they could not attend to.”


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