Couple Caught On Camera Eating Themselves On The Street In Broad Daylight Goes Viral

Couple Caught On Camera Eating Themselves On The Street In Broad Daylight Goes Viral

There has been a massive stir on social media following a video that captured a couple caught on camera eating themselves on the street in broad daylight

The said couple abandoned their bed and decided to take it outside.

The viral footage did not attract much attention, but also generates endless conversation among social media users.

In the said video fast trending on the Ghanaian internet, the couple said to be Ugandans were seen enjoying themselves whilst other people were there recording them

As per information gathered by, the man giving the lady from behind is from the ghetto, a rascal, and a thief but the lady loves him so much that nobody in the society doesn’t know what the guy has done to her, she does whatever the guys ask her to do.

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Even though he has nothing to offer her apart from beating and maltreating, one afternoon he called the lady to come to the ghetto, she did and he decided to eat her in front of his friends whilst they record.

Though many have alleged that they are an insane couple, their actions have spiked controversies on the internet.

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Due to Adsense’s privacy policy, we can’t share the video here but you can click on the link below to watch it on our telegram channel.

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