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”Curses From People Who You Couldn’t Help Will Not Work”- Nigerian Pastor Says (VIDEO)

A Nigerian pastor identified as Apostle Agochukwu has lashed out at lazy people who curse other people who fail to help them.

According to Agochukwu, those curses will never have an effect on the persons who refused to help them. He made this disclosure while preaching in his church. The priest claimed that sequences from Nollywood movies in which an angry individual curses someone who refuses to help don’t work in real life.

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He stated that lazy individuals should go to work because those who refuse to assist them will face no consequences. He stated that the only thing anyone owes you is love, not assistance.

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Watch Video Below;

Ghgossip gathered some reactions from Nigerians;


This is the fact and nothing will happen to the Christians that fail to pay tithe


Nothing will happen to the person that refused to pay tithe and sow a seed. Jesus says help one another. I wonder the kind preachers we have these days. Matthew 5:42 
Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.


This last days eh, we go see things we set go fear😢😢😢. Is that what Jesus teach while here on Earth??? 😢😢


Well if God has blessed you to be a helper to people and you wanna show yourself by disrespecting God you’ll be held accountable besides God has blessed you to so you’d help those in need


Tell them o lazy ass entitled people. Picky at jobs but feel entitled to yours when you yourself ain’t picky to make the money.


E get where you go preach this sermon they will sack you for unproductivity


God bless you man of God because some Nigerians are so entitled and lazy to work especially those family members.

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