Did Eden Hazard suffer another injury in Belgium vs France?


Eden Hazard has had a tough time at Real Madrid in terms of injuries, fitness and form. He hasn’t had enough consistency to keep getting back to the player he once was, and whenever he did play for a few games, he didn’t really do well.

However, Eden Hazard hasn’t had any fitness issues with Real Madrid this season, and he’s actually been playing well too.

But, Eden Hazard was substituted around the 75th minute of Belgium’s game against France, which ended in a 3-2 win for the Frenchmen.

The Belgian had started walking towards the sidelines, and took his captain’s armband off, ready to be subbed off immediately.

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All signs pointed towards yet another injury for the unfortunate Belgian. When asked about it in the post-match conference, Belgium manager Roberto Martinez said that there was definitely something that bothered him, but they didn’t know what it was at the time.

The Real Madrid forward did not suffer any major injuries in the game vs France

There was fear among the fans about Hazard suffering a muscle tear. However, tests have been carried out by Belgium’s medical team on the Real Madrid forward, and it seems that there is no muscle tear that has taken place.

According to the tests, Hazard only had a muscle overload, and nothing else. According to Melchor Ruiz of COPE, they are now considering whether to have him return to Madrid, or to keep him in Italy with the Belgian National Team. A decision should be made shortly.

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This comes off as a piece of very relieving news for everyone. I can’t even begin to imagine how much of a psychological effect the injuries have on a player, especially on an injury-prone footballer, and Hazard must surely be taking a sigh of relief.

I can honestly say the same about the fans of Los Blancos and the club itself, as Real Madrid are undergoing a rough patch of form and they will need all their players to be fit and on top of their game so that the team’s form can go back to normal.

Even then, though, I don’t see Hazard playing in the game against Italy, and given Hazard’s injury record with Real, the club will not rush him back by any means, even if there is the slightest bit of pain, which could result in him missing the game against Shakhtar as well, although that’s unlikely in my opinion. It’s just my estimation.

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It remains to be seen what happens next, but I’m glad to see that the injury is not severe.


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