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Do Not Throw Your Damaged SD Card Away, Check Out How You Can Fix It Using A Blade

SD card can likewise be called a memory card, it is a minuscule, moveable device with a delayed ability broadly utilized as capacity in various units, like advanced cameras, Android phones, tablets, internet game consoles, and other computerized gadgets. 

At the point when SD card is removed carelessly d, they may experience issues, which could bring about file system corruption.

Besides the inappropriate handling of the SD card, various things can prevent the SD card from functioning well and such can be called Virus and can make the data put on the SD card to be erased.

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Unfortunately, when a memory card gets damaged, many believe it to be faulty and expect to get a new one. This may be irritating since numerous pieces of information and documents have been saved into it. 

The amazing news is {that a} Damaged SD will be mounted. These are steps to fix your damaged SD card; 

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Things required: The Damaged SD card, a razor blade, and clean cotton.

Steps to take in fixing a Damaged SD card 

1 Hold tight the ruined Damaged SD card with one hand and the pointed razor blade with another hand. 

2. Clear and scratch the contact pins of the SD card with a razor blade gently. 

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3. After you are done clearing the contact pins with your pointed razor blade, take the cotton and wipe the pins nicely.

4. Repeat stage 2, by cleaning the contact pins with the razor blade and wipe them off with the cotton gently.

5. Spot the cleaned Damaged SD card into the cell phone and it will be back as a brand new one.

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