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Don’t have children just because you can – Michy to parents

According to Michy, she does not subscribe to the notion that God will ‘miraculously’ provide for their needs because children are blessing from heaven.

Shatta Michy disclosed she has chosen not to have more children until she is financially stable to provide them with a quality life.

“The economy is actually really hard now to have another kid. And I feel like instead of having many children, work hard and create one or two rich generations. Now school fees are about Ghs10,000. So even if i share it between two kids, I will either have to reduce the quality of the school or increase my hustle. It’s not worth stressing the children.

“I can hold on from having another kid for a long time just to invest the time and finances into him (Majesty) to nurture the brightness I see in him.”

The actress also argued that children are expensive, high-risk investments without fixed maturity dates. Thus one needs to be provident before having many children.

“If God gives me the money I’m looking for, I will have more kids. I just want to make sure I’m able to provide more than necessary for the kids. Just because you can give birth doesn’t mean you should. Because you see, children are expensive. They are investments that don’t come back and need maximum care.”

Michy and her ex-fiancee Charles Nii Armah, Shatta Wale have a son together.

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