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If you’re a veterinarian, you wait longer than many of your college educated peers to earn a real salary and buy a home. Luckily, there’s something called a DVM Mortgage that can help you achieve your home ownership dreams faster.

A Veterinarian Mortgage is a unique product offered by select banks around the country. It provides more flexible home buying options, thanks to your degree.

With a DVM Mortgage, you can put as little as 0% to 10% down with no private mortgage insurance (PMI). You also receive more generous treatment of student loan debt and income history in underwriting, making it easier to qualify in many cases.

We’ll go over the top banks offering veterinarian mortgages and what you can do to apply.

What is a DVM mortgage and how does it help veterinarians?

Loans with such low-down payment options have specific eligibility criteria. Banks limit a DVM mortgage to veterinarians due to your lower risk of default and their desire to build a relationship with you for other financial needs you might have.

The DVM Mortgage is a subset of a broader loan product called “the physician mortgage.” This doctor home loan product has been expanded beyond the initial target of medical doctors into other professionals such as veterinarians.

Usually, a bank will require you to keep a bank account with them, but the minimum deposit is often a nominal amount.

In exchange, you can get approved to borrow more than the conventional mortgage limit, which is $647,200 in most parts of the country.

Additionally, a veterinarian mortgage shines when it comes to the down payment. Putting as little as 0% down allows you to use your savings towards other important goals, such as renovating your home, buying furniture or even paying down your student debt faster.

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