Even The Richest People Struggle


Actress Lydia Forson has tackled beggars who feel entitled to the money of others asking where that sense of entitlement to the hard work of others comes from because she doesn’t understand.

There are some beggars on the gram who make it their point to always ask money from these celebrities and also asks in a way as if they gave you the money to keep for them and some even insult you when you refuse to give them or ask them to go and work.

Lydia Forson reacting to that said she needed to understand where this sense of entitlement to other people’s money came from as there are people who are committed to asking strangers for money every day and not for jobs.

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According to Lydia Forson, these beggars make it look like those they are asking money from don’t have families or any responsibilities of their own saying we’ve all been down and out and needed help sometimes but to think these beggars assume others do have challenges of their own is beyond her.

Adding that even sometimes the richest people struggle therefore feeling entitled to the money of others as if you gave it to them is very wrong not forgetting that they also have their own responsibilities to take care of and you are practically not one of them.

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Source: www.GHgossip.com

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