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Festival of Plays: 5 Ebo Whyte plays that will excite your Christmas

This play explores love, ambition, and power play in the corridors of power, the play seeks to ask the question; “What is your biggest dream”, the one that scares you even thinking about it, and what if pursuing that dream could cost you the love of your life?

Showing on December 25, “The Devil’s Wife” is a story that exposes a man’s willingness to brave it all for love, even in the face of death. You will be introduced to Rev Kweku Kom, whose interest in Zoe could lead to his death. will he be the ultimate in the battle of love?

‘I Slept With Your Wife’ show on Tuesday, the 27th of December 2022. This is a play that has one of the most mind-blowing sets ever built in Ghana. The play is set in an airplane and the plane flies on stage! It is a thrilling tale of confessions 29,000 feet in the air. It is a tale of fearful captains, fearless wives, and funny fathers.

The Roverman team on New Year’s Day will treat patrons to the exciting show “Husband Material 7 Yards”. This classic tells the story of a jobless Joe whose wife was quite charitable with complaints, they have three children bringing light and laughter to their home and encouraging their failing father that his setback is not forever. Toss in a Dr. who looks like a scoliosis patient and we have the perfect villain to tell a harmonious Ebo Whyte story.

‘He Said, She Said’ climaxes the festival on January 2nd, For a writer like Mark, ideas are the fodder that he feeds on for his livelihood. As the saying goes, writing is a jealous wife. And on a day when Mark gets ideas visiting for the perfect story, his wife decides to stake her claim in his life as one who needs attention too. In comes the battle between the ideas and his wife as to who holds the monopoly over jealousy and drama. ‘He Said, She Said’ is a hilarious peep into Mark and Hannah’s life. You will identify yourself there.

Tickets for the plays are selling for GHC100 each and can be bought via USSD on *365*535#. One can also get tickets via traditional outlets.

Also, visit Roverman and Uncle Ebo’s Social Media pages to find out more.

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