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For Women: 3 reasons why you should never say men are scum



The belief that men are scum is one of the faultiest ever; and here are three reasons why you should never subscribe to it.

For a long time, almost from an immemorial time, the common belief among women has been that men are necessary evils, fearsome things that you just have to deal with.

It is firmly established in the society, you hear it in relationship stories, women fear it before they even enter into relationships.

The purpose of this article is not to deny that men do cheat in some of the worst ways possible. They surely do.

It is the belief that all of them do it that we seek to correct, as well as scrapping the prevalent opinion that men are scum

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No matter what you have heard, read or experienced, you would be completely wrong to say men are scum. Here are three reasons why

It is totally unfair

When women come up with that line; “men are scum,” it is usually based on an experience or a story they have heard.

Whether or not the story is true, it does not justify that tag.

It is in the human nature to deceive and practice dishonesty.

Women are deceptive, too. Women break men’s hearts, and do them dirty all the time, too, but has there ever been a campaign by men calling all women b***hes or something of the sort?

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Besides, it is ironic that women cry and call for more respect by men, but still go on and label these men scum.

The word scum is not in any way respectful, is it?

No matter what a man does to you, it does not warrant your generalization that men are scum. Your father, brothers, uncles and other male relatives will share of the bias.

And would you rather have all the men in your family insulted just to express an opinion? [A very weak, unfounded one at that]

For all the noise and unending talk of men being scum, almost all women still eagerly look forward to the day they will walk down the aisle with one.

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If men are scum and women still remain with them, and those that are yet to get a man anticipate it at some point; then, what does that make women?

There is only one thing that conveniently takes scum all the time – a scumbag.

So, when next you want to believe it, or when next you feel like saying all men are scum, you should think twice on the implication of your words.


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