Frank Naro’s Sister F!res Big Akwes For Accusing Her Brother Of Trying To Use Him And Other Kumawood Stars For Money Ritu@ls – Watch Video

The sister of Ghanaian actor cum musician, Frank Naro, has come out to respond to the allegations Big Akwes made about her brother in a recent video.

The former Thunder TV presenter recently made headlines after he went live on social media to allege that the recent end-of-year party Frank Naro threw at Anita Hotel in Kumasi for his colleagues in Kumawood was a ploy to k!ll some Kumawood stars for money ritu@ls.

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In a reaction video shared on Instagram by Poleeno, the sister of Frank Naro asked Big Akwes why he earlier came out to praise the ‘Abena’ crooner after the party when he claims his pastor had told him that he should not attend the party in the first place.

She also warned him never to rope their family into his issues with Frank Naro because when he is invited to appear before elders to explain why he referred to Frank Naro’s mother as an ‘animal’ when he went live to rant, he will not be able to provide any tangible reason.

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The sister of Frank Naro further stated that even if there was some truth in the false allegation Big Akwes was making, there was no way her brother would be dumb to use low lives like him (Big Akwes) when there were other respected people at the same program.

She also asked him to come out and offer an unqualified apology to their mother latest by Monday, January 9, 2023, if she does not want to face the wrath of their family.

Watch the video of Frank Naro’s sister speaking below…

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