Free SHS Wahala: Kumasi SHS Girl Recorded Herself Dancing Nake£d At The Dormitory (Watch VIdeo)

Kumasi SHS Girl Recorded Herself Dancing Nak£d At The Dormitory

Free SHS wahala, as a female SHS student dancing nak£d at the dormitory whilst videoing herself.

I don’t really know if we are already in the end time or if it’s yet to come, a lot of things are really happening especially in 2022.

In a video shared on Instagram by, saw a female SHS student wearing a transparent innerwear showing all her body including her b00b$, and not wearing pantie$ at all.

The lady in question knew what she was doing as she set a camera to record herself not like one of her friends secretly recorded her.

Also in the video, we could hear one of her mates telling her school daughter to look at the kind of life her school mother is living to heaven.

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A lot of netizens are blaming free SHS for the act, and the question people are asking is did free SHS come to help or it did not?

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Watch the video below:


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