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Gayatri Prasad Prajapati UP Former Minister Gets Life Imprisonment After Found Guilty In Gang Rape Case With Minor Girl


The quite shocking news is reported from Lucknow, where Pawan Kumar Rai on Wednesday has sentenced ex Utter Pradesh minister Gayatri Prasad Prajapati along with two, Ashok Tiwari and Ashish Shukla in a gang-rape case, the high court will pronounce the quantum of sentence on 12th November 2021. The court has vindicated four others- Rupeshwar, Chandrapal, Amarinder Singh “Pintu”, and Vikas Verma. These names have been taken into custody by the concerned department and several charges have been registered against them. So that, they will get appropriate punishment for such a heinous crime, get to know more check the details below.

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As per the exclusive sources, Gayatri Prasad Prajapati was the minister in the prior Samajwadi party and booked under the section of Pocso (Protection of Children From Sexual Offenses)Act along with Tiwari & Shukla. If the reports are to be believed, so it is not the first time that Gayatri Prasad is remaining the subject of hot discussion among the people. Before this, in 2017 a female from Chitrakoot also lodged the FIR against him and six other associates for gang-raping her and attempting to molest a 17-years-old daughter at his house in Gautampalli between 2015- 2017 during his period as mining minister in SP.

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It is being reported, that the Supreme Court has ordered Lucknow police to book the former minister for the rape and other serious charges, including the section of the Pocso Act. The victim from Chitrakoot also filed a petition against the defaulter so that, they can the punishment for all those heinous crimes which they have done previously. But ever since, the case git heat again it remained the hot topic because of which, many have demanded taking some appropriate actions against him. Because no one has a right to take advantage of their post to harass someone.

When it comes to the complaint of the Victim, so she files a complaint that she was also raped and harassed when she met him in 2013. She also accused him that he had some inappropriate pictures of her, and used to blackmail her for leaking. He also threatened her several times by saying that if she does not accept his offer so he will leak these photos. Due to him, the Samajwadi also had to face some defamation as well, because he has done some inappropriate activities. Here we have conferred such detail which arrived as per the sources.

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