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Ghanaian giant who’s the world’s tallest man appeals for medical support

‘Awuche’ who is 9ft 6 inches has been diagnosed with gigantism a few years ago was attending a monthly appointment to deal with the complications of living as a giant when he was asked to stand straight against a measuring rod.

He said he was not surprised to hear he was taller, given he has never stopped growing – but it caused consternation for the staff, who were not prepared for such a scenario.

The duty nurse called out to her colleague, who in turn called out to another for help. Before long a group of nurses and health assistants gathered to solve the puzzle of determining his height.

One suggested they find a pole and use it as an extension above their stick to measure his height – and this is how they arrived at their estimate.

For each hospital visit, he must still raise about $50 (£40).

His health problems eventually forced him to return to his home village six years ago and give up his dreams of becoming a driver.

“I was planning to go to driving school, but even when I shift the seat back, I can’t hold the steering wheel… I can’t stretch my leg because my knee will knock the wheel,” he said.

He is now living with his brother – and gets by after setting up a small business selling mobile phone credits.

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