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Ghanaians react as driver and mate beat police officer, drag him on the floor

“How a ‘trotro’ driver and his ‘mate’ behaved when a policeman from MTTD approached them as part of official duties on a motor check,” Daily Graphic captioned the disturbing video.

While it remains unclear what triggered the attack on the uniformed police officer, the two civilians are seen in the video hijacking and leaving him helpless before kicking him off his feet, causing him to fall on his back into what appears to be a shallow gutter by the road.

The two assailants then pounced on the officer, pinned him to the ground and continued to assault him while apparently trying to retrieve something from his grips.

Bystanders are seen standing aloof and watching the officer go through his ordeal alone until he managed to stand on his feet before some of them walked closer to talk the assailants out of continuing to assault him.

In 2019, a commercial bus driver, Francis Buabeng and his mate, Albert Ansah who were captured in a video assaulting a police officer were fined GHS 3,600, defaulting which they were to spend 12 months in prison.

A Circuit Court in Weija, Accra, convicted them after they were found guilty of assault following their arrest in March 2019.

Several Civil Society Organizations including the Human Rights Advocacy Centre, Amnesty International Ghana, as well as Human Rights and Governance Centre, volunteered to help the suspects get justice.

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