Gmail has a hidden trick that anyone who sends email needs to know


If GMAIL has ever stopped you from trying to send large files you need to try these tricks.

It is possible to bypass Gmail’s fairly small 25MB attachment size limit if you use some simple workarounds.

Use Google Drive

Google Drive is essentially a Google solution to the Gmail attachment problem.

All you need is a Google Drive account with enough storage to fit your attachments

Gmail automatically detects when your attachment is over 25MB and will upload it to your Google Drive account instead.

A link to your Drive files will then be inserted into the email so the recipient can access it.

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This trick works for attachments up to 10GB.

You may need to upgrade your Google Drive storage capacity for this to work.

Zip your files

If Google Drive isn’t for you then you can also try zipping your files.

You just need to hope the end result is less than 25MB in size.

This works well for documents but less so for videos or images.

You’ll need to make your zip file of all the documents you want to send outside of Gmail and then attach it to the relevant email.

To make a zip file, move all the documents you want to send together to a new folder on your computer.

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Then right-click on the folder and click “compress”.

You should then go back to Gmail and try sending the one compressed file containing all your documents.

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