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GMB 2021: Conquering maternal mortality through education – Akua, Ahafo region

In her line of work, Akua representing the Ahafo region in Ghana’s Most Beautiful has to deal with losing pregnant patients because they were misinformed. She hopes to use the GMB platform to educate and eradicate this public health crisis.

Constance Adu Yeboah is a 25-year-old midwife passionate about finding solutions to reduce the rate at which women die whilst pregnant or within 42 days of terminating their pregnancy. She comes from Akyerensua in the Ahafo Region, where she was born and spent her early childhood. Akua aspires to be the Deputy Director of Nursing Service, which is the highest-ranking midwife, in future.

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Akua – Ahafo Region

As a licensed and practising midwife, Akua has seen many gruesome episodes where women have lost their lives due to negligences borne out of ignorance. She said, “During my domiciliary midwifery, most women came to the hospital with very little knowledge about Antenatal Care (ANC) and others. I noticed that most women, especially pregnant women, do not see the need to attend ANC. Hence leading to complications or worst, death.”
“Most of them tend to go to the traditional birth attendants, and when labour gets complicated, they come to the maternity with the complications. Some are not so fortunate, and we lose them.”

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Akua – Ahafo Region

Akua strongly believes that the GMB platform is the most advantageous place to push this agenda. She hopes to start an awareness that draws in other stakeholders to jointly enlighten the public on the maternal mortality crisis.
“I feel that GMB is a very big platform. And once the attention of the public is drawn to maternal mortality, we would get the attention of NGO’s like the Mrs Rebecca Akufo-Addo Foundation, the Marie Stopes Foundation.
And others who are into the campaign to help eradicate maternal mortality, I could add my voice to that.”

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Akua – Ahafo Region

Akua plans to win the crown to champion her cause. She hopes that her unique personality and project would give her an edge over the other contestants. “Each person is unique. I just pray and hope that they would notice that uniqueness. No one would like to lose a mother whilst growing up, so if not for anything just because of my project. I feel it makes me stand out among the other ladies.” Akua enjoys swimming, playing long tennis and reading at the library.

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com|Ghana

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