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Good News To All MTN Users: You Can Now Buy Food With Your MTN Sim Using This Method (Check Out)

There are so many things that one can use the MTN network and sim card to do but because we do not know anything about it, we lack behind whiles other people enjoys the great opportunity.


We all know that MTN has been in Ghana for a very long time and they provide their customers with the best offers and services. The promotions that they sometimes introduces and put in place becomes beneficial and life changing to others because of the luck and blessings in it.

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There is one thing that one can use the MTN service for that many do not know about. This is the fact that you can use the service to buy food and other things, one may ask that is this really possible? Yes it is. Follow me as we go into details together.

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Everyday, MTN gives you points on all the airtime you purchase, momo transactions, bundle usage, and more. Someone will ask how will I check my points. That is why I am here to help you. Follow this instruction carefully:

  • Dial this code *482#
  • Choose option 1 to check your points balance
  • After checking the points to know your balance, come back and dial the code again *482#
  • Choose option 2 which you will enter 99
  • Pop up will come in a list form
  • Redeem point and info
  • Choose redeem points(under redeem points)
  • The list follows;
    • AirtimeData bundle
    • Other rewards
    • View voucher
  • Choose other rewards
  • The name of the places and food joint you can buy with your MTN points will pop up depending on your region.
 Note: This is only available for MTN users, it won't work on other networks.
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