GRASAG declines increment in university fees

According to a statement issued by GRASAG, a rise in university fees will alleviate the situation of economic hardship that hit the country.

“GRASAG members all over the country have been hit hard by the economic downturn, and an increase in university fees, we believe will exacerbate the situation”.

GRASAG said some tertiary institutions have released provisional fees above the approved 15% increment, adding that some members of the Association are likely to drop out of school over their inability to pay the fees.

The association has called on the government and GTEC to engage stakeholders including student unions before implementation of the approved fees.

“Some universities have increased their fees above the 15% approved rate by Parliament. GRASAG is by this release calling on the government and GTEC to halt the implementation of this increment indefinitely to allow for further engagements with relevant stakeholders including student’s unions,”

GRASAG, therefore threatened to oppose any attempts by any university management to impose the increment fees on students without extensive stakeholder engagements.

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