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He Invited me to his Guest House for Another Round, After I finished with the Job Interview

He Invited me to his Guest House for Another Round, After I finished with the Job Interview


After I concluded the job interview, he asked me back to his guest home for a second round.

People in Nigeria have a lot of stories to tell when it comes to finding jobs. One of the most important concerns confronting young people and recent graduates in this region is unemployment. After their job hunt fails, many graduates who wish to seek a job straight after graduation to make finances meet find that their interests and ambitions change. They eventually set up their own business and start making money on their own. After college, only a select fraction are lucky enough to find work in the white-collar sector.

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As a result of the world’s acute need for workers, a number of potential employers have taken advantage of job searchers in a variety of ways. Some have also been taken advantage of by scam artists who demanded significant quantities of money but left them jobless. Ladies have frequently fallen into the hands of undesirable male peers who have attempted to utilize their bodies as a method of payment in some way. Some desperate people gave in to the pressure, while others held their ground.

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Cecilia utilized her Twitter account to talk about her meeting with the CEO of a company she wanted to work for. In a post published by Instablog9ja, the lady explained how she had to go through a series of interviews for the position and what she did when she discovered the CEO was trying to take advantage of her. The following is a thorough explanation of her experience.




Her story is similar to that of many other job seekers in this nation; unscrupulous guys had abused their position of power to deceive others. The lady then said that she posted it to show how tough it is to obtain job, especially as a woman, in a following tweet.

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People who responded to the tweet praised her for having the courage to face down such dishonesty. Some also scolded males who take advantage of their positions to benefit themselves.

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The reactions of a few persons are included below.







The method was shown to be immoral, and other others have reported having similar experiences. Is it possible for God to provide for the unemployed youths?

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