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Here’s one condition to take back your ex

Couples fight
Couples fight

National Public Relations Officer of the Ghana Psychological Association, Joy Anima Debrah, has talked about the one factor that should determine whether one’s ex is worth accepting back or not.

She admitted first of all that problems of the heart, sometimes, are very difficult to handle, especially in cases where one is still in love with their ex-boyfriend or girlfriend who is looking to reconcile.

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In her opinion, if the person comes back showing remorse and a willingness to change for the better, then there may not have been a mistake, hence, it may be okay to forgive the person and give things another try.

However, she noted that if the situation that caused the heartbreak is still persistent, then it is not advisable to reconcile with that person. She said this during an interview on eTV Ghana.

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“You need to create goals that you’ll work towards as a person. What are you expecting in three to six months or one year?

“These goals will help you decide whether to go back to that person or not but ideally, you should be able to assess the situation very well and analyse it to be able to come to terms with it as to whether you want to go back or not,” she further advised.

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