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How Carlo Ancelotti plans on using Marco Asensio


Marco Asensio is not a popular man among Real Madrid fans. The Andalusian attacking midfielder was the worst regular starter on the team in the 2020-2021 season, contributing to the team’s woeful attacking record. It is a sad story, as Asensio was once one of the most promising attackers in world football. But after an ACL tear, the sharp-shooting forward can no longer create space for himself to shoot.

Despite Asensio’s struggles, Carlo Ancelotti has not given up on the 25-year-old. Although he tried to shift him away from the wing, which clearly does not suit Asensio, he has recently given the player chances on the right wing again. He played this role in three recent La Liga fixtures against Osasuna, Elche, and Rayo Vallecano. Although Asensio was decent against Rayo, he was quite poor against both Osasuna and Elche.

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What exactly is Ancelotti’s plan with Asensio? Based on how often he has played and the comments Ancelotti has made about him, Asensio occupies a role in Ancelotti’s plans. That’s more than can be said for, quite frankly, more accomplished footballers in Eden Hazard and Isco. Players who could be on their way out before the 2022-2023 season, whereas Asensio will likely stay against the wishes of many fans.

According to Sergio Santos Chozas of AS, Carlo Ancelotti sees a role for Marco Asensio in the 4-3-3. Yes, as a right winger in position, but not necessarily in role. Ancelotti tried to convert Asensio to an attacking midfielder, which worked wonders against Mallorca’s woeful defense to the tune of a hat trick. But that position will not exist for most of the season in Madrid.

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Carlo Ancelotti is giving Marco Asensio a gift

Ancelotti will deploy Asensio as a right winger when out of possession, meaning Asensio is responsible for helping out in defense on the wing. That is, of course, a weakness of his, especially in comparison to the more industrious – and more promising, mind you – Rodrygo Goes.

However, when in possession, Ancelotti is hoping to give Asensio the freedom to shine centrally. We all know this is the best spot on the pitch for him as an attacking player. He just does not have the skill or explosiveness to consistently win one-on-ones and create his own shot by cutting inside. Asensio will go anonymous in those cases.

Ancelotti is hoping that he can get Asensio into these more central areas with Dani Carvajal (or Lucas Vazquez, if necessary) on the overlap to provide width. In the middle of the pitch, Asensio could have shooting opportunities from range, or he could pick out the right pass. Ancelotti wants to give Asensio the gift of freedom and to trust him to make those plays, but it is up to Asensio to make good on those opportunities.

Madridistas won’t be holding their breath. But with perhaps only this season to prove himself at Madrid, Asensio will have to make good on this opportunity and take the initiative. Ancelotti’s idea, on paper, is a good one. It is the only way for Asensio to carve out a role at Real Madrid. Now, it is on the player to step up and prove everyone wrong.


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