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How PSG are planning their final approach to keep Mbappe


Real Madrid want Kylian Mbappe to join next summer, and are more than happy to wait till January so that they can negotiate with him directly, instead of having to talk to PSG – a thing that they tried last summer, but it clearly didn’t work.

Now, PSG, they don’t really want Mbappe to leave for free. They’ve been trying to get him to sign a contract extension for months, but it hasn’t worked. I don’t think Mbappe really wants to play for PSG after this season – especially after what happened in the summer – and it kind of shows.

So, here we have PSG trying to get him to sign one last contract extension, according to reports from MARCA.

PSG still want Real Madrid-bound Mbappe to keep his promise of not leaving for free

The report by MARCA suggests a lot of details about what PSG may be planning to do about the whole Kylian Mbappe situation. They know that if there’s any chance of Mbappe signing a contract extension, it will only be for short-term purposes. It will cost them a lot more money, but we’ll get to that.

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The main reason behind this extension is that they want to collect a transfer fee as well as keep him around for another year.

Now, the problem with that is this: The release clauses that we’re so used to seeing in football are prohibited in France, meaning that if Mbappe signs a one year contract with the club, he will end up having to face the same situation in 2022-23 as he is facing in 2021-22. This might turn out to be a little annoying for the Frenchman because, in this situation, he will only stay if PSG are able to get a transfer fee for him, which is not the case, so there’s no point in staying for another year.

Moreover, keeping Mbappe for another year would see PSG paying a lot more tax than they would for any other player that hasn’t stayed in France his entire career. They’re liable to pay the full amount of his income as tax, so whatever they do, this will cost them a lot more than previously understood.

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Moreover, Monaco, when they had to let Mbappe go to PSG, had an agreement with the Parisens that guarantees them 35 million euros whenever the Frenchman gets sold by PSG next, so there’s that to think about.

Real Madrid are still waiting for January 1 so that they can solve everything in the first few days and sign Mbappe to a pre-agreement that will see him joining the club in the summer.

The thing I don’t get with PSG is that they want to have it both ways, which is simply not possible. They want to keep Mbappe around till the end of the contract but they also want a transfer fee when he does go to another club. They want the transfer fee but they also want to ignore Real Madrid’s humongous 200 million offer, which, honestly, made much more sense for PSG than it did for Real Madrid as the Spanish club could’ve gotten him for free in the next summer, which is probably what will end up happening anyway. It’s honestly very annoying.

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PSG have proven that they don’t really care about what their players want, which is why there are rumors coming out of France about players wanting to leave PSG because of it, Xavi Simons being an example of this.

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In the end, what I think is that Mbappe will wait till January 1 and then sign a pre-agreement with Real Madrid. I think he’s tired of PSG’s shenanigans and he just wants to play for the club that he’s dreamt about his whole life.


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