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How To Create A Successful Credit Card In Ghana

create credit card in ghana
How to create a credit card in ghana

How to create a credit card/debit card in Ghana?

Creating a debit card in Ghana can sometimes be difficult. From the hustling and bustling to provide eligible documents and in the end, all these efforts could be futile. Credit cards are one of the many mediums used for creating and accepting online payments. In this article, I will show you how to create a successful credit card in Ghana easily in just a day and accept and initiate online payments on it.

For these steps we are going to require the following softwares/materials

  1. A valid national id card, driver’s licence or voters ID(recommended)
  2. A mobile number preferably one with mobile.money registered on it
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We’re also going do download the app for creating the card. The apps name is called palmpay. It can be found on both play store and app store.

Firstly, we’re going to need to download the palmpay app and sign up. During this process, make sure you have a stable internet connection to ensure that you don’t loose any data you type.

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Tap the button below to download palmpay

After downloading palmpay, you need to register with your real details. Palmpay requires verification for changing some features so if you choose to use fake details you might forget them later.

After registering review all your details to make sure they are correct.

After following these steps, it’s time to create your virtual credit card.

Follow these steps to create the virtual card.

Visit the palmpay homepage and select virtual card.

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You’ll be directed to a page where you’ll enter your contact details. Enter your details and use your identity card. At this point, I’ll recommend voters ID card. Use the previous card not the current one.

After entering all details, your card will be created. You can use this card to send and receive payments local and internationally.. If you receive a failed notification keep trying again and make sure your identity cards number is correct.

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