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How To Handle Long Distance Relationships


Long-distance relationships can be straining and tiring. It is worse if one of the partners recently move far away. Now, you both need to cope with a sudden change from being able to see each other every day to once in a blue moon.

Thanks to different video calling and chats app, it is now more possible to have conversations similitude to being closer to each other. But, it can only be like being close, never the same as being close to each other, holding hands.

Here are some tips to handle long-distance relationships:

Have a Special Date

If you are in a long-distance relationship, pick a time frame most comfortable for both of you, probably bi-weekly, monthly or a day in the year. Just ensure you both have a date you look forward to. When this day come, make the most of it.

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Do things you haven’t done together in a while. Explore new things too so you can both have a memory to reminisce when apart again.

Collaborate On Something

Come up with a project both of you can actively get involved in together irrespective of your distance. This will make both of you look forward to a specific time of the day to talk and catch fun. The collaboration could be fun such as competing in an online game or recommending a book for each other.

Since your relationship is long-distance, video call each other while doing home chores or going outside your house to buy something.

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Make Plans

Map out and discuss details about all the fun things you and your partner can do together the next time you plan to see. Create a list of things you would like to do together such as fun places you would like to go to when you meet or goals you would like to achieve together as a couple.



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