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I Can’t Wait To Make Love To Cross After Big Brother – Angel Reveals


2021 Big Brother Naija housemate, Angel told her fellow housemates that she can’t wait to have an amorous affair with Cross after the reality show is over.

Cross is one of the most loved male housemates in the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ edition and some female housemates including Princess, Maria have confessed having a crush on him.

Angel has, however, not shy away from showing what she also feels for Cross and during a conversation with her fellow housemates, Nini, Jackie B and Queen where they were talking about the male housemates they are attracted to, Angel mentioned that she would love to sleep with Cross outside the house.

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According to Angel, she loves gisting and laughing while making love and Cross is that kind of guy who will make it happen for her because he is playful.

Angel said:

“I see myself having sex with Cross outside the house because I like to laugh, gist when having sex and Cross is that playful.

“Cross is one of the male housemates on my top four that I find attractive.”

In other news, there seems to be trouble in WhiteMoney ad Queen situationship / friendship?
It looks like WhiteMoney has spoken in the lines of pursuing things with Jackie B to Queen, Queen then decided to keep her distance from WhiteMoney in other to keep her friendship with Jackie B who she says she is developing a friendship with, howeve,r WhiteMoney does not want her to distance herself as he says he is already used to her vibe.

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