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‘I caught my husband cheating with my best friend – it was a complete surprise’


When our close friends are in need of help, many of us wouldn’t hesitate to open our homes up to them and offer them a place to stay.

But one woman has been forced to rethink her kind gesture after her best friend took advantage of her hospitality – by getting into bed with her pal’s husband.

Mum-of-three Shauna, @shaunadonna20, took to TikTok to tell her story as she explained she had a hidden camera in her house that caught the exact moment her husband and her friend had sex while she was at work.

In one video, she said: “When you give your friend a place to stay and she sleeps with your man while you’re at work, and they don’t know you know because you hid a camera.”

That video was captioned: “I’m going to confront both of them when he walks through the door.”

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Shauna then posted an update video in which she explained more of the story, and said the camera was put in place because she already had suspicions about her husband’s infidelity – although she had no idea her best friend was involved.

She said: “I put the camera in the house because my gut just wasn’t sitting right. And it wasn’t even about him and her, that didn’t even cross my mind, I didn’t think that they were doing anything. I thought he was sneaking somebody in that he had previously cheated on me with. That’s why I put the camera in the house.

“Yesterday, I’m looking at the camera and come to find out it’s this b***h. We’ve been friends for four years now! Good friends! She needed somewhere to go, and I let her move in.”

The woman later said she had confronted her husband and her friend, and claimed a fight had broken out between them.

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She added: “It definitely went down, definitely. There was a little tussle in there. They lied and said it didn’t happen, and I didn’t get a chance to show them the video because we ended up fighting.

“They’re currently out of the house, they’re gone. I’m okay though, I’m good, I’m great.”

And in one of Shauna’s most recent videos about the incident, she actually did confront her friend about her alleged affair.

She asked the friend in the clip: “I’ve got a question for you. Did you sleep with my man while I was at work? Yes or no, did you sleep with my man while I was at work?”

The friend initially denied everything, before the husband walked through the door and Shauna turned her attention to him.

She then said: “Did you sleep with my friend while I was at work? Like I don’t have the footage!”

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Shauna began fighting with her friend and the camera was knocked over, and all that can be heard in the clip is her husband telling the two women to “chill”.

The initial video and the confrontation have both racked up over 14 million views each, and people are shocked by the actions of Shauna’s husband and her friend.

One person wrote: “Better kick them both to the curb because it takes two to tango and they have obviously been eyeing one another.”

While another added: “I’m so sorry. As a father of two I know how a real man behaves and this isn’t it. It’s not that hard to be faithful. Right is right, wrong is wrong!”

And a stunned commenter posted: “I don’t know how you’re so calm. I would’ve attacked straight away!”


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